309 Colony Blvd

I love my people, I love my family.
I love the people of my family.
When we were young, we butted heads and more;
Twelve in a five-room house was mighty crowded for sure.
But now when one of us goes down,
The others rally around –
All for one and one for all, with love.

I love the brothers of my family.
I love the sisters in my family.
I know when we were kids I didn’t show you much respect;
The ‘pecking-order’ ruled the deck.
But later on when I fell,
And needed some help –
You were the first to come when I called, with your love.

I love the mommy of my family.
I love the mother of my family.
Jigsaw puzzle master, oasis from disaster;
Every chance you could you covered my tracks.
And even when I was mean, and stole some of your dreams-
Your sweet Sicilian soul took me back, with love.

I love the daddy of my family.
I love the father of my family.
Kiddie-show cowboy singer, boss of the handbill slingers;
Working three jobs to feed the bunch of us.
And though we never saw eye to eye,
It’s probably ’cause we’re so much alike –
I guess nothing’s thicker than blood, mixed with love.

[REFRAIN]       And though we spread out allover the states,
My heart keeps getting much closer to you.
No matter how many years that I roam,
My body and soul keep coming back home,
To the house ‘neath the big oak trees;
Three doors down from Christ the King,
At 309 Colony.