Ain’t It the Truth

Never should have left them stranded on the rooftops.
Never should have kept them locked up in the flood blocks.
When deluge came, pain and chaos reined,
Government nowhere to be found;
When mother earth spoke, all the levees broke,
Where were the buses and trains?
FEMA and political men?

The workin’ poor got left out again.
You saw the proof; ain’t it the truth? We’ll Ain’t it the truth?
Islands of marshes and wetlands holdin’ back the sea
A paradise of coastlands, a distant memory.
When Katrina struck, the party was up,
Gulf towns and the Big Easy drowned;
So many warning signs, ignored so many times.
Where were the choppers and planes?
The mightiest military ever seen?
Forgot about the poor once again.
You saw the proof; ain’t it the truth? We’ll ain’t it the truth?

Thank God for the people who stayed and came back to help;
“Cause when the flood and mud came, they had nobody else.
So unprepared, like nobody cared,
The President was not there.
Tin trailors, tramps and refugee camps –
No Homeland security
If you’re poor in the land of the free.
A lesson for you and me,
You see the proof; ain’t it the truth! Hell, ain’t it the truth!