All I Want for Christmas

Here comes the holidays of another Christmas;             

The promise and hopes for a happy New Year.

Here comes the giving season of another Christmas;

Gifts and toys for girls and boys, laughter and cheer.

Every year my list is the same; it’s never gonna change.

I ain’t lookin’ for material things; I got much bigger dreams.

Here come the bright lights of another Christmas,

Decorated trees and house eaves glisten and glow.

The joyful moods, good foods of another Christmas,

Hearty dishes and kisses underneath the mistletoe.

Every year my wish is the same; don’t care how crazy it sounds.

My dream ain’t ever gonna change, till it finally comes around.


I want a world where violence is smothered by love,

Where the guns are silenced by a choir of doves.

I want a world where hunger is outlawed at last;

Poverty is no longer, war’s a thing of the past.

For the people en masse – that would be a nice Christmas.


People tell me I’m a dreamer and I’m out of my mind.

The problem’s in a league too big and I’m wasting my time.

But all their fear and doubts don’t faze me;

I might be a little bit crazy,

But I’ll keep fightin’ for my dream till the day that I die

Here comes the holy days of the winter solstice,

Chanukah, Kwanza, psalms of baby Jesus in birth.

Here come the joyous music of another Christmas,

Singin’ Noel and Jingle Bells and peace on this earth.

Every year you can hear my refrain; it’s never gonna change.

In every culture it’s a different name, but the dream’s all the same:


We want a world where justice, is what makes us great;

There’s compassion among us, one where love trumps hate.

A world filled with solidarity, for immigrants and refugees.

With good will and empathy; one with true equality.

Now that would be – a very nice Christmas,

A very merry Christmas.