He Was a Best Friend of Mine

White collar, blue collar, pink collar mass, we’re all sinking real fast.
And every single day,
They’re taking our rights away – the first to go is the working class.
Well crawling on my knees ain’t my cup of tea; I’d rather kick a little ass
[Because] Hard Times are fightin’ times for me.

{CHORUS} Hard Times Are Fightin’ Times for you and me.
Times were hard enough in what they called prosperity.
I’ll be damned if my belt is gonna tightin’;
Let the suits on Wall Street do the bullet bitin’
[’cause] HARD TIMES ARE FIGHTIN TIMES (3X) for me!

There’s over forty million poor who cannot afford a bed in a hospital ward.
With so much wealth in this land,
You know I don’t understand why we all can’t have health care and more.
Well send my medical bills up to Capital Hill; that’s what my tax money’s for.
[’cause] Hard Times are fightin’ times for me.

{CHORUS} … Let the politicians do the bullet bitin …

Talked to a union worker, down at Wabtec,
He said the company wants to scrap the contract.
Every hard earned thing we ever won, they said they want to take it back.
He said, “here’s my suggestion,
They can take their concessions, shove ‘em up their ass,
[Because] – Hard times are fightin’ times for me.

{Refrain}   I lost my job, fell off my horse,
They took my house, had to get a divorce.
I’m on my last dollar, got holes in my shoes,
Might as well fight, I got nothin’ to lose.

Well the whole damn corporate system is a mess, it’s in rotting decay.
And they want the poor and working class to pay the penalty.
Get up out of bed, and wake up the dead, ’cause it’s a brand new day.
[because] Hard times are fightin’ times for you and me.

{CHORUS} .. .let big business do the big bullet bitin …

Music, Chorus adapted from Prairie Fire, new verse lyrics: Mike Stout