Heart to Heart

We are the world movement for justice and peace;
The long-distance runners who stumble but never cease.
We are the foot-soldiers who always battle the beast.
From the start we go;
Many parts of the whole;
Heart To Heart we grow.

We are the free spirits of the universal creed;
The ones who are last, but always will lead.
We are the many sowers who are planting the seeds
Of Fraternity,
Truth and clarity.

[Bridge] We are the resisters outside all the isms;
Brothers and sisters who defy all the prisms,
With our dreams and our visions,
and eternal optimism.

We are the steady drivers through the storms of man’s rage;
The ageless survivors reborn at every stage.
We are the early risers of the acquarian age.
In a circle we’ll stand,
No beginning or end,
Heart to heart again.