Heroes of History

Here’s to all the people, who do all the work, but never get recognized.
You never grab the headlines; your name is never memorized.
I’ll remember you; put you in my heart; keep you close to me.
I’ll sing this song for you; tell the world the part that you played in our history.

Here’s to all the thinkers, whose thoughts we get from someplace else.
The ghost writers and singers, whose songs are sung for someone else’s wealth.
Though you’re behind the scenes, faceless in the dark, lost in insanity;
I’ll use every means, to show the world the mark that you made in our history.

Here’s to all the people, who stand up and speak for what is right.
Who in the face of fear and intimidation, shine like a beacon light.
I’ll toot your horn for you; stake your claim in song, unfold your mystery.
I’ll give credit where it’s due, and show where you belong on the chain of history.

Here’s to all the freedom fighters, whose love is etched in blood;
Whose deeds and contributions are buried in every nation’s mud.
I’ll drink a toast to you; celebrate the love, and the life you gave to me.
I’ll brag the boast for you, and tell the stories of the heroes of our history.

And here’s to all the friends, I never got the chance to thank you properly.
You showed me something special, in my time of need.
I know I never write; rarely stop to call, forget to think of you.
So let me sing tonight; let me thank you all for the love you gave to me.