Hunger Pains

Hunger is a jail, where innocent children dwell.
It’s like they fell, into a bottomless well, a living hell.
Hunger screams, a silent violence unseen.
Hunger means, never living your dream.

Hungry children can’t think or learn,
or reach their human potential.
Hungry children have nowhere else to tum,
but to those of us who know what is essential;
to the hearts who realize and hear the cries
There’s children with the hunger pains.

Hunger is murder, by a system that is ruled by greed.
Hunger is the gutter, along the streets of poverty,
right here in front of you and me.

We must build a bridge, a just harvest of food
wherever hunger does fall.
With such a basic need, someone must feed.
What you do for the least, you do for us all;
everyone must answer the call
of the children with hunger pains.

We’ll build a bridge, a just harvest between
the hunger and everyone else.
Such a basic need, someone must feed.
Helping them will even strengthen yourself;
all of us must act to spread the wealth
to the children with the hunger pains,
wherever hunger remains.