I Was a Patsy

I was born in the storms when the world war was cold.
At age fifteen, joined a wing of the civil air patrol.
A marine, at eighteen I got stationed at Atsugi U-2 base.
For a mission, learned fluent Russian in 6 months at Monterrey;
For liberty, at the Queen Bee I danced for Uncle Sam;A snoop, perfect dupe in the loop of a sinister plan – I was a Patsy.

 I was assigned behind the lines, in a far-away land,
‘Neath the Iron Curtain, hard-workin’, double-agent man.
Took a Russian bride from the other side, an NKVD niece;
Young, beautiful and wild, a Minsk child of the secret police.
When my mission was done I came home, to my mother’s relief.
With Marina and a baby made the switch with no public debrief.

An undercover, freedom lover payin’ my dues,
Unaware I was being abused, being used – I was a Patsy!

Reassigned in Dallas to the Palace of the White Russian gang;
Under Agency eyes, supervised by DeMohrenschildt and Paine,
While the Cuban crisis came, I was trained to read photos and maps.
Then off to New Orleans, causing streets scenes with the Bannister hacks.
Discreditor, disruptor, informant, a provocateur;
On the payroll of COINTELPRO, played both sides for sure.

Through the summer I was seen, with right wing, patriot thugs,
Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, Jack Ruby at the Carousel Club.
In Dallas with Odio, with my handler, David Phillips I’d be
Causing a ditty in Mexico City, at the Cuban Embassy.
A set-up in the get-up, a rev-up for the coup d’etat to come;
Primed to fit the crime for the time when the dirty deed be done.
Silly-puddy in the big muddy of intelligence;
A pawn gettin’ conned in advance; in a trance – I was a patsy.

On 22nd of November, I remember where I was when he died.
Didn’t know till that day, JFK’s motorcade was going by.
Seen on the first and second floor right before, minutes after the hit;
His wife blood-stained, his brain splattered to bits.
When I realized the game, I did what I was trained to do;
Get my gun, meet my handler in the Theater; get my next move.

The next thing I knew, I’s accused of killin’ them both.
Stayed cool and demure, thought sure, my story’d get told.
Then my buddy, Jack Ruby, did his duty for the big cover-up;
Put a bullet in my gut, the case shut, the truth smothered up.
I was gonna save the world and my country from a terrible fate;
Slay the red dragon standin’ at freedom’s gate.

Never got a trial, to tell the world how I was not the one to blame;
Never got to clear my name, I was framed – I was a Patsy.

Decades later, de-classified records say who I am:
Government spy, fall guy, like the Manchurian man.Had a CIA file all the while my legend’s ingrained;
A body-double, his trail of trouble made sure I was blamed.
With omissions by all the Commissions, my name demonized;
With hundreds of paid Agency writers, buried in lies.

An undercover, freedom lover, I paid my dues,
A hero shot down in my youth, well here’s the truth – I WAS A PATSY!
A Shadow Government patsy,
A Dulles, Angleton patsy,
A Deep State patsy,
I was a Patsy.