I’m a Post-Industrial Poverty Pimp

I’m a poverty pimp, I’m a poverty pimp.
I come into your town, when you’re down and out;
Spread some crumbs around, maybe give a little handout to you.
I get lots of money, to study you to death;
I’ll paint your world sunny, and always tell you what is best for you.
I’m a pencil-pushing geek, savior of the week,
A freak in a suit end a tie –

I’m a poverty pimp, a post-industrial poverty pimp. !
I Shuffle papers, don’t produce anything i
I hustle favors to everybody under my wing.
I’m climbing on the double up the ladder of success,
On the back of your troubles, I’ll stamp out any unrest in you.I’m a late-century carpetbagger, with a pen for a dagger;
All this power sure makes me swagger –

(Refrain)     I’m a modern sensation
Of the ‘me-first’ generation;
A well-dressed leech,
With picture-perfect speech;
A missionary in the know,
Speaking for the status quo –
I’m ruler of the ruins and
That’s just the way it goes –

I’m a poverty pimp, a post-industrial poverty pimp
I’m paid eighty-thou a year to be society’s pliers,
I’ll bend you minds and ears, and put out any fires – in you.
I’ll eulogize you when you’re dead for a hundred years,
But at best I’ll ignore you, ostracize you while you’re still alive and here.
A smooth-talking puppy, a gentrified yuppie,
Fronting for the boys downtown –

I’m a poverty pimp, a post-industrial poverty pimp.