In Your Face, With Love

What’s it gonna take, to wake you up, get your eyes open again?
How hard I gotta shake, before the ice breaks; the chain is broken within?
They poisoned all the rivers and oceans, stole your children’s future away.
This holocaust might be in slow motion,
But the train wreck is real, until you grab the wheel, I’ll be in your face till then.

What do I have to do, to show you the proof; to get your ears unplugged?
What’s the protocol, what number do I call, to get your mojo back up?
When the average goes up two degrees Celsius, the entire biosphere is crushed.
There won’t be a living world left for us.
Until I break through, I’m gonna tell the truth, I’ll be in your face with love.

None of us will ever get to heaven, if we bury it in garbage and waste.
The clock is striking half past eleven, when it’s a life and death race,
You have to get up in their face, yeah, yeah.

Where do I go, to reach your soul, find the key to unlock your heart?
What’s the trick to get you on the schtick, to get your brain to jumpstart?How many acres have to bum, before we finally learn, it’s getting’ way too hot?
How much has to die, before we realize, they’re taking everything we got?
Plastic Machines rampaging; dark clouds amassing above;
Until your inner light starts blazing,
I will volunteer, whisper in your ear, I’ll be in your face with love.

Words & Music: Mike Stout – August, 2012