Jesus Was An Alien

Jesus was an alien, from another place and galaxy.
He took a stance,
That was so far advanced to all of humanity.

From a race somewhere in outer space, from a distant world and universe,
He came to feed,
He came to lead us out of this eternal curse,
The son of Mari, seed of Gabriel;
Prophet and emissary, they called Jmmanuel.

Jesus was an alien, from a kingdom out among the stars.
Who came to teach,
Who came to reach us no matter what persuasion we are.

Sent to show and let us know, about a future we could only dream of;
To civilize
And open our eyes with his message of peace and love.
Such a salient, celestial guest;
He was so radiant, a cut above the rest.

[Bridge} And he never died, even after he was crucified.
 His life and story will be told; it’s buried with the old dead sea scrolls.

Jesus was an alien, from a planet way beyond the sun.
Sent to attract,

To take us all back to the source where we come from.
He did call to one and all, millions of strangers like you and me.
He came to guide
To head-on collide with the earthly system of the powers that be.
A Legendary – so extraordinary.
He was so very – revolutionary !