Momma Bear

Momma Bear, you were there like a morning star.
Momma Bear, always where the forgotten are.
Giving courage and assisting
The ones who were resisting the whirlwinds of war that blowed.
You and them were equals in the sequels out on freedom road.
With a body so frail but a spirit so hale,
Yours is a story that needs to be told –
Like the heroines of old !

Momma Bear, always there like an angel from above,
Momma Bear, giving shelter with your coat of love.
You stayed around
When the mills shut down to help the dislocated families,
A ray of hope, a safety rope, a lifeboat in a turbulent sea.
Always sitting and knitting,
Never giving up or quitting on the workers and retirees –
You live in solidarity.

Momma Bear, always there whenever justice calls.
Momma Bear, you dare to care inside the ‘Super-max’ walls.
Not afraid to fight for the dignity and rights
Of those they locked up and threw away the key.
Defendin’ and standin’ with those abandoned by society.
Unobtrusive but protective,
A voice for the collective goodness and humanity –
That sets us free.

[Refrain] Oh, Compenera to the poor and the most in need.
               Oh, Compenera to your children and your family.
               Hand in hand
               With your ‘Scrapper,’ man you plant the holy seed- Yes indeed!

Momma Bear, so aware of the oneness in us;
Momma Bear, you share your strength and gentleness.
Momma Bear, you are there like a breath of fresh air.
Momma Bear…Momma Bear…Momma Bear…