Not In Our Name

A child steps on a land mine;
Loses a leg for a lifetime;
They don’t call this a crime, just collateral damage.
Bombs and stray bullets fly;
So many innocent civilians die;
And if you ask why, they call you unpatriotic.
The ‘powers-that-be’ say, it’s the price we must pay
For our freedom and democracy.
But read between the lines, I think you will find
It has nothing to do with you and me; (Absolutely Nothing !)

Thousands detained and disappear;
What they did wrong is never made clear.
And when you’re blinded by fear, you never ask questions.
Abu Graib and Guantanemo, torture chambers all over the globe,
With no end in sight to all this repression.
Wrapped in the flag, the warmongers brag “It’s our manifest destiny.”
But strip away the guise, of their distortions and lies,
They aren’t doing this for you and me.

[CHORUS]  I’ll not be party to their murderous game,
               Not with my body, my soul or my brain.
               Stand up with me and claim –
               Not in our name. Not in our name.

While the death squads torture and kill,
They hope we keep silent and just pay the bill;
Stay complacent and still, while they unleash the beast.
Hundreds of billions for war,
It’s worker killing worker, poor against poor
One thing’s for sure, it ain’t buying us any peace.
The warmonger barks, the bullets are marks For our safety and security.
But look behind the door, you’ll see this war is no cure For what’s ailing you and me.