One Day Longer

When you know what you know, you just can’t go
Turn your back, put your head in a hole; sing some silly song.
When you’ve seen what you’ve seen, you just can’t bring
Yourself to wipe the slate board clean; act like nothing’s wrong.
When you’ve looked into the crystal ball of truth and honesty,
Seen the hard rain that’s gonna fall, with its brutality.
Your only choice: raise your voice; let your song be sung;
And go on just one day longer.

When you’ve heard the alert, seen the dirt,
The rust, injustice, pain and hurt, felt the scourge outside.
When you see the swarms of the deadlystorms,
It’s obvious we’re being warned, there’s no place to run and hide.
When you see through the giant lies, the bogus fairy tales have burst,
Heard the cries, and realize it’s only getting worse.
Keep your eyes upon the prize, try to right some wrong,
And go on just one day longer.

[Bridge] Well a great rocker from the Midwest once said way back then,               “I fight authority, authority always wins.”
But every time they win I learn a little bit more and grin;|
Suck it all up, and get back up, ready to fight again.

When you’ve heard the odes on the dead-end roads,
Seen the souls left in the cold, stared into the abyss.
When you’ve seen the fiends pulling the strings,
The evil things behind the scenes; ignorance is no longer bliss.
When your hands been on the clutch, your bus’s burning down the track,
Your heart and soul’s been touched so much, there ain’t no turning back.
Someday I’m gone, like a setting sun; until that day has finally come,
I’ll fight one day longer.
I’ll go on just one day longer.
Sing this song just one day longer.