People Gonna Rise Again

Out of chaos, confusion, bloody reins of recklessness,
Asylums of hatred and fear;
From the cells of disillusion, crowded jails of hopelessness,
Prisons of the war profiteers;
At the end of the rope, the darkest hour,
In the face of superior fire power,
Holding the reins, riding on the winds of change –

From the desolation rows, barren isolation holes,
Bottoms where the nobodies dwell;
From the gutters and cracks, wrong side of the tracks,
Sodoms and Gomorrahs of hell;
Like a red sun blazing on a misty morning,
A storm that forms without warning,
A breath of fresh air will come out of nowhere –

From the rust bowls and dust bowls and refugee camps,
Gulags of the global machine;
From the sweatshops, and cell blocks, slavery ramps,
Dregs of the free market latrine;
With the blood that ran through native warriors of old,
Spirits that raged so many ages ago;
Asuperheart will beat in the face of defeat – PEOPLE GONNA RISE AGAIN (2X)

[Bridge] When the big cities lay in ruins, the gardens of Eden all drained.
Out of the debris, the sea of apathy, seeds of a new world will spring.

When the big bomb’s been dropped, the ego’s little world’s been rocked;
Pillars of the system all fall;
When things are at their worst, Babylon’s bubble has burst,
Your money’s worth nothing at all.
When it looks like love’s been suffocated, faith and hope eradicated,Out of the demise, right before your eyes, PEOPLE GONNA RISE AGAIN