Piss Test Rhapsody

Went to a party last weekend, thought I’d only stay awhile;
Round about midnight, it started getting’ wild.
Dancin’, drinkin’, smokin’, we were goin’  berserk;
The last thing on my mind was getting up and going to work.
And takin’ a piss test; didn’t wanna take a piss test.

Then Monday momin’ came, the man said to me:
“Take this little bottle and give me some pee.”
The last damn place that I wanted to be
Was takin’ a piss test — Don’t wanna take a piss test!

Looked like I was busted, I was guilty as sin;
Swore to myself  I’d never party again.
The last thing Iwanted anybody to see
Was the nasty little secrets hiding inside my pee !

I thought the weekends were mine, but they didn’t agree;
Thought my last little freedom was my privacy.
I wish I could switch with someone else’s pee-
Don’t want to take a piss test — Don’t wanna take a piss test !
Don’t make me take a piss test (I’ll probably flunk the piss test).

Could not believe what it was that I was seein’;
People analyzin’ my pee for a livin’.
It’s yellow and it stinks, and it’s not fit to drink; I think
There’s more to this little sneak peek of me through my pee!

Now if I wanna let them in then I’ll acquiesce;
If I wanna tell my sins, I’ll get a priest and confess.
What I do on my own time is my own business –
Don’t want a piss test — Don’t wanna take a piss test !!!