Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie was a warrior for peace;
She gave her life inside the middle east.
Young activist woman from the U.S.A;
Non-violent soldier in a hostile fray;
Her  only weapons were her faith and her solidarity.

Rachel left her family, friends and culture behind,
All the privileges that come to her kind,
To be a human shield protecting innocent lives;
On them killing fields where vengeance resides.
She did not yield instead defied, with a spirit that shined.

Where the bullets, tanks and bulldozers roar,
Up against a force whose only recourse is war,’
There she stood so good, courageous and bold,
Like Fanny Sellins or a Mother Jones of old.
She gave her body, heart and soul, just like them before.

[Bridge] They said she was crazy, she had a lot of nerve;
She never should have been there; she got what she deserved.
But sometimes with justice, words ain’t enough;
Knowing means going to the front lines with love.

She got no medals, no press or TV;
Some even said she was the enemy.
Young activist woman from the U.S.A.,
Non-violent soldier in a hostile fray,
Her only weapons were her spirit and her solidarity…
Her humanity…her solidarity…her humanity.