Refuse, Reduce, Reuse

Once it’s here it will never leave,
Microplastics in the climate we weave.
A hundred million tons in the ocean now,
Killin’ our food chain, takin’ us out.
Situation drastic; don’t have 30 years;
Single-use plastics never disappears.
The time to get bombastic and frantic is now, right here.

Hills of landfills of deadly debris,
Killer viruses about to unfreeze;
Whirlwinds of poison chemicals hurled,
To every corner, every crevice of the world.
Ethane, methane, deadly pipelines,
Frackers, crackers, radioactive mines,
Brothers and sisters, don’t you think it’s time to stop this crime!

[Chorus] People of the world, it’s time to coalesce;
                It’s plastics or the planet, the choice no less.
                Make polluters pay and clean up their mess.
                Refuse, reduce, reuse what we got.
                Choose, let loose, divest and boycott!

[Bridge] This ain’t no bullshit, no false alarm
It’s code red and irreparable harm.
The doomsday clock is right at midnight
Well turn on the light,
Open your eyes and see, there is no Planet B!

Cancer clusters way off the charts,
Killing children, ripping our hearts.
Sacrificial zones all over the earth;
Every day, every week it only gets worse.
Stress, trauma in every family,
Ewing Sarcoma, a daily homily;
This heartache and drama doesn’t have to be, if you and me –