Rosie (the New Riveter)

Hey Rosie, you feisty organizer, you’re the voice and the conscience for the underdog.
Hey Rosie, sweet little rebel-rouser, always ready to right every wrong that come along.
Born midway between Uniontown and Fair Chance,
It ain’t no wonder you like to lead the dance.
On a journey with your siblings, looking for your roots,
Your whole life, you hungered for truth.

Hey Rosie, your laughter’s so contagious, you amaze us and awake us to the forces of life.
Hey Rosie, you’re surely one of the bravest, fired up sisters to come down the pike.
The spirit of Crystal Eastman running thru your bones,
With the energy of Fannie, the mouth of Mother Jones;
You got a slow fuse, but when it starts to burn,
You light the whole room, you make the devil squirm.

[Chorus] Hey Rosie, here’s some love from the Pumphouse gang,
From your friends and your biggest fans.
You’re a power, you’re a flower, with the people you stand,
With a great big heart and helping hands.
Union to the core, a real mother-of-pearl,
Our local first lady of the world.

Hey Rosie, when you were local president, the membership grew by 25 times.
Hey Rosie, it ain’t no accident, in every labor battle, you’re on the front lines.
You let it be known, your union hall was home,
To every movement for justice going on.
Kicking open doors for women everywhere,
To the worker, you’re a breath of fresh air.

Hey Rosie, got so much hope and energy, bursting and thirsting for the dawn of a better day.
Hey Rosie, with so much faith in democracy, your love and generosity blows us away.
Every time they knock you down, you’re back on your feet,
Ready to go another round, you never miss a beat.
There ain’t too many, sister, who can walk in your shoes;
The old Riveter’s got nothin’ on you! [Chorus]

(Bridge) They say you decked a man six feet tall,
Blew a whole right through discrimination’s wa1ls.
On the Showalter talk show, shaking the halls;
Then every time a bunch of us go out to eat,
You grab the check, like it’s your duty to treat.
Hey Rosie, You don’t have to pay the tab every time,
You kindness already blows my mind! [Chorus]