Save the Children

Workin’ little kids like slaves and dogs;
they should be in school.
Makin’ lots of money off of little tots;
Who could be so cruel.
Big corporations, all-American,
Hide behind the borders of a foreign land.
Doing all their dirty deeds behind closed doors;
Hopin’ we don’t know when we go to the store –

Making tennis shoes and clothes and things we need;
Paid in poverty, (and)
Going through the middle man so no one sees
Children chained to factories.
All the worst offenders look familiar to me,
Sellin’ their wares on the color TV.
Someone better blow the whistle loud and clear;
Tell the world exactly what’s going on here –

[CHORUS} Well SHOUT, SPEAK OUT, and defend the children.
SHOUT, SPEAK OUT, send a message for the children.
SHOUT, SPEAK OUT, we better come and save the children.


… Big corporations, multinational,
Hidin’ in the shadow of the Wall Street bull.
Doin’ all their dirty deeds day after day,
Even right here in the USA –