Silent No More

As soon as you rest your guard, they come down on you hard,
With the bible like a gun.
And when you turn your back, they start to mount, the attack,
On every right that you’ve won.
And when the movement; slowed, ’cause you thought you had control,
They changed the Ladder’ of the law.
Operating from a ranch, of the Executive Branch,
It looked just like a coup d’etat.
And the ages start to darken, as the hound dogs are barkin’;    
Wild boars are on the loose.  
Self-appointed lords, blocking all the doors,            
That keep the chickens from corning home to roost;              
That give a voice to the right to refuse
That open choice to the ones who have to choose

In church they’re so devout, but as soon as they step out,
They don’t practice what they preach.
They push you down and test you, with their ‘operation rescue’,
They call it ‘freedom of speech.’
In the name of god, they put controls on your bod,
Shackles on your soul and mind.
Establishing their fort, up in the highest court,
They’re turning back the clock of time.
Disguised as ‘right to life,’ they’ll cut you like a knife;
Leave you in back alleys for dead.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, they love you with their loathing.
To save a seed, they’ll chop down a living tree.
To spread their creed, they’ll saw their misery.
Well, I think it’s time to shake up and rattle the boars.
People, it’s time to wake up, like we did once before-
And be Silent no more; we will be silent no more.
All I ain’t sayin’ they don’t have the right to believe what they believe.
 All I want to state, is we shouldn’t let them dictate our fate,
Violate our rights, or legislate everyone’s morality.

Confusion on my left, fusion on the right,
Most in the middle are asleep.
The alarm’s been ringing, but no one can hear the singing,
of the prophets in the street.
Politicians here and there, vacillating everywhere,
will take you down a dead end course.
And when fanatics go berserk, the only thing that seems to work,
Is to stand up and speak out with force.
And the ages still darken; the hound dogs are still barkin;’
Wild boars are on the loose.
Self-appointed lords, blocking all the doors,
That open choice to the ones who have to choose;
Oh ain’t it time to wake up, and rattle the boar;
Stand up and speak out like we did once before –