Stand or Fade

Rusted hills, brown fields, broken wheels that used to roll out the best.
Boarded doors, close stores and ghost towns all across the U.S.
Broken dreams, abandoned terrain,
Silent machines of rusted remains,
Helplessness and hopelessness was drifting over the plains,
Masquerading as the agents of change.

Working mass where is your class, where is your will to survive?
Salt of the earth, where is the work of worth that kept you alive?
Your labor’s lost, it’s left in the cold.
The human cost is uprooted souls.
A slow-motion holocaust with invisible. hands,
Spread like a cancer allover the land.

{CHORUS]         STAND, get up off your knees. STAND, get back on your feet.
Let the struggle and resistance begin.
Let your love for life spread like the wind.
I said it before and I’ll say it again –

(You better) STAND, (you better) STAND, (you better) STAND,
Stand or crawl, Stand or fall before you fade and it’s too late!

They disinvest, scrap the best, run off to some foreign land.
Mergerize, polarize all the wealth into just a few hands.
Corporate greed, capital flight,
Refugees of industrial blight,
Shattered, battered, tattered families and bankrupted lives,
For the victims of their free enterprise

{CHORUS}. .. .It’s the only thing You’ll both leave and take with you when you die.