The First Responders

The ones after the disaster, the first always to arrive,
So many times the only life lines to the injured still alive;
The fearless, peerless heroes digging through the ash,
The nameless brave out to save the victims of the blast;
When danger reigns inside the flames that light the poison skies,
There they are, our shining stars, on the job, saving people’s lives.

Where tornadoes rip and strip, big forest fires blaze,
Hurricanes blow, hot lava flows, winds of winters rage;
Where flood waters roar like never before, explosions light the sky,
At car crashes and deadly clashes, where the bombs and bullets fly;
Inside the traps when walls collapse, when the ship is going under,
In the killing pits where danger sits, look-y yonder, you’ll see the first responders.

In a deep part of the heart, where courage conquers fear;
Through the keyhole of the soul, there the volunteers appear;
The best when things are worst, they’re always putting others first;
Their duty to serve, no force can put asunder- the first responder,
A human wonder, the First Responder.

When sirens warn of a coming storm, the reaper’s seed is sown,
While others run for cover, they head to the danger zone.
A burning home, a broken bone, a stroke or heart attack;
With first aid in hand, these women and men got each others’ backs.
In the pits of hell, their love excels, as they dig for those gone under;
In the face of death, they become the best we have to offer,
The First Responder; it’s an honor, to salute the first responders.

Where the twines of oneness bind, and the drums of the spirits beat,
In the veins where goodness reigns, and flows so bittersweet;  
When woe and trouble flair, you’ll see these selfless warriors there,
In the face of every catastrophe and blunder-  
You’ll find the first responders.  Oh it’s an honor, to salute the first responders.
Yes it’s  my honor, to salute these first responders. e Information Less Information