The Human Spirit Will Prevail

Up against the man, and his dog eat dog system,
That beats and eats you alive.
Up against the creed of greed and consumerism,
The human spirit will survive.

Up against the hate, the ruthless corporate state,
That buys and ties and drives you down;
Up against the blows of the status quo’s dictate,
The human spirit resounds.

Up against the hunger, ego-profit mongers,
Their history of misery and shame;
Up against the endless, senseless poverty prolongers,

The human spirit remains.
Up against the odds, global money gods,
Their days of slaves and prison time;
Up against the masters of disasters and facades,

The human spirit still shines.
Up against the walls, wars, guns and cannonballs,
The coarsest forces of pain and fear;
Up against the fright of their military might ‘n all,

The human spirit’s still here.
The days are short, there’s no time to hesitate,
The ship has left the port, we better realize,
The ball is in our court, we can’t afford to wait
‘Cause later is too late, open up the gates,
Grab a hold of fate and rise, rise rise, rise rise!

Up against indifference, ignorance and inhumanity,
Ages of cages in hell,
Up against the wrongs, and eons of insanity
The human spirit will not fail, the human spirit will set sail
The human spirit will hail, the human spirit will prevail.