The Rank and File Has the Power

I work the mail with a boss on my back,
And everyday he’s working me faster.
I get suspended for bein’ out sick.
Well I’m sick of this constant harassment.
And every time I look, there’s less guys around,
‘Cause no one who goes gets replaced here
They’re speedin’ me up and they’re squeezin’ me dry
“Cause that’s how their profits get raised here

FIGHT BACK, when we’re under attack!
Strike back against the bosses & hacks!
FIGHT BACK, like we’ve done it before!
Strike back the Rank
& File has the power!

The boss has this Kokomo plan
To raise productivity quotas
They said, “each step we are counting,”
And measured each inch ’round the corner.
They doubled the routes and cut back the men,
But the carriers told them to shove it.
Now they’re pushin’ this same crap again,
These attacks ain’t gonna get over. [Chorus]

We say defend every job;
No suspensions, layoffs or attrition.
We will protect our fighters,
And we won’t be scared into submission
As for this contract, we know it stinks;
Once again we’ve been sold down the river.
But the bosses and hacks are just fools if they think
They can hold down our struggle forever. [Chorus]

The bosses called it a pacesetter,
They hope the PO drives us under
They think their hands are stronger
To do the same to every worker
But we’re going to set the example straight
We’re prepared to continue the fight
We’re going to build a resistance campaign
Of slowdowns, petitions, whatever it takes.
We’re getting organized; We’re getting mobilized.
We’re getting workers’ support – From the Bay to New York

Back in ’70 we went out on strike,
And tasted our might in the struggle.
We’ve learned that the boss is one side of our woes,
And the hacks and their deals are another.
But our union is strong when we build it upon
The rank-and-file’s organized power.
And Outlaw is leading the rank-and-file workers.
To take on this two-headed monster.