The Unemployment Anthem

When I was workin’, we’d really party out;
We liked to dance, we liked to jump and shout.
Me and some family and friends from up across the hill,
Knew how to live when there was money in the till.
Then the boss came down at work, one day,
(he said) Sorry boys and girls, we’re moving away.
We found a place where we can pay real low,
South of the border down in Mexico.
They said, “We gotta go, adios amigo.”

I looked everywhere, all around town,
There wasn’t a decent payin’ job to be found.
I guess I just could have been a burger-flipper somewhere.
I’d have been better off had I been on welfare.
My tank was empty, my tap was dry;
It was enough to make a grown person cry.
Even though I was available and able,
The only work I could find was underneath the table,
They even cut my TV cable. The only thing I knew was –

[Chorus] Unemployment, it ain’t funny;
I need a job that’ll pay me some money.
So we can live and pay the bills again;
Me and my friends, we wanna party again!

Bill collectors closing hard and fast;
Uncle Sam and the IRS right on my ass.
The bankruptcy hound dogs were sniffing me out.
The credit card companies cut off the spout.
I tried to have a party but no one had the time;
They were too busy standing in all sorts of lines.
It’s tough to be social when your life has gone to pot;
Hunger pains will make you have criminal thoughts.
When you’re a have-not, the only thing you got –

[Chorus] I need a job that pays a living wage
And get me off this idle stage
A job that gets me out of debt
So I can work and sweat and earn some money.
I need a job that pays some money; unemployment ain’t funny.