Throw the Bums Out

[Chorus] THROW THE BUM OUT! (4X)

We see through the smoke, through all the lies;
Everybody’s on to you, open your eyes.
All your pretty words are a little bit too late;
It’s time to put you back in your place …

[Chorus] THROW THE BUM OUT! (4X)\

You’re the one who never pays your share;
Whenever you’re needed, you’re never there.
Proverbial deadbeat living off everyone else;
The only one you care about’s your greedy 01′ self …

[Chorus] THROW THE BUM OUT! (4X)

[Refrain] Preying on the weak with your pen and your gun,
You’ve run every scam there is under the sun
The broken promises, the grandiose charade –
It’s time to hose you, close you, expose you and your masquerade.

Maybe after we throw ’em out a few thousand times,
They’ll get the hint; it will sink in their minds.
That we’re sick and tired of all the lies we’ve been fed;
Only when they’re gone will we ever move ahead …