Time For a General Strike

They knew in the 1980s,
            Chaos, catastrophe was on the way.
Temperatures hotter than hades,
            The moment was coming that’s here today.
Our children’s children and babies,
            Their world’s been stolen and laid to waste;
Future generations gonna say to me:
            Did you stand up and show your face?

Greta is right,
Let’s unite,
Extinction Rebellion is who I like.
Join the youth,
Tell the truth;
It’s time for a general strike.

CO2, methane and plastics,
            Eco-systems on the verge of collapse;
Cancer levels so drastic,
            Die-off disasters all over the maps;
Taxpayers subsidizing,
            Payin’ for the poison in the water and air;
Floods and sea levels rising,
            Fossil Fuel owners hopin’ we don’t care.

Greta is right, time to fight,
Sunrise Movement is showing the light.
Listen to the young, let’s get it done,
Get ready for a general strike.

Greta Thunberg,
I’m here to answer your call.
The better, the sooner,
Only one earth, one earth for all.


They say it’s too late for action,
            There ain’t no point; our fate is sealed.
Hyper-consumption, distraction,
            While the fat-cats rape, pillage and steal.
Powers-that-be won’t listen,
            We’re gonna have to kick ‘em in the ass.
Only thing here that’s missin:’
            Our voices together in a critical mass.

[Chorus] Greta is right, let’s unite
Leandra and the students are who I like, Join the youth; tell the truth – time for a general strike!