Travelin’ Man, Family Man

Travelin’ man, oh travelin’ man,
Born in New York City, raised mid-state,
By the time he was a teen he was headin’ out the gate.
On a freedom ride, down to DC,
Saw Martin Luther King deliver ‘I have a dream.’

Travelin’ man, oh travelin’ man,
Crossed the big pond to get his PHD,
Arrested in Paris demonstratin’ in the street;
Criss-crossing Europe, to the Middle-East,
Working on a Kibbutz, learning solidarity.

(He’s a) Travelin’ Man, oh Travelin’ man,
From Gary to Sardinia, down to Mexico,
Off to Portuguese Guinea meeting Luis Cabral.
Through deserts and jungles in the heart of Africa,
Married his sweetheart, Linda, in Tanzania.
(He’s a) Travelin’ man, oh travelin’ man.

         Through 54 countries, 35 he hitchhiked,
         Every place he went made him feel more alive.
         With his thumb in the wind, or on a picket line,
         He never stops movin’; his heart is keepin’ time.

Travelin’ man, oh family man,
Back in the states, settled in the Burgh,
Overlooking the Point, saw his family emerge.
A waiter, machinist, liked to work with his hands,
Down at the Switch, he was the shop steward man.

Travelin’ man, oh family man,
Took the kids on camping trips, taught ‘em how to use a bow;
Cookin’ dogs, goin’ fishin’, always pitchin’ softball;
Seein’ foreign films, or the local carnival,
In his home library, took the kids around the world.

Travelin’ Man, oh’ family man,
Off to union meetings, or Paige’s ice-cream,
Hiking in the woods down at Seldom Scene.
Always had a plan, he’s a travelin’ man.

         Karl, Becky, Sara, Matt and Maria,
         Crossin’ five states, he’s always coming to see ya.
         Playin’ with the grandkids, or just hanging out,
         Bet your bottom dollar, you make your daddy proud.

Travelin’ man, oh travelin’ man,
Driving thousands of miles up to IUP,
To educate the youth about labor history.
Putting up markers all over the state,
Resurrecting all the heroes that made this country great.
Travelin’ man, oh travelin’ man,

Recording and reporting on the worker struggles,|
Not afraid to ruffle feathers, or cause a little trouble.
On the talk show with Rosie, to spread the union word,
Wrote the definitive history of the Burgh.
Travelin’ man, oh travelin’ man –

Breakin’ bread, reminiscing with the Pumphouse gang,
Teachin’ and preachin’ where the Yund banners hang;
Always takin’ a stand, he’s a travelin’ man.

        Working in the garden, dancing with the band,
        Sailin’ through a book, or drivin’ up to his land,
        Writing, organizing, educating all he can,
         His hands and feet will keep on movin’ to the end.
         (He’s a) Travelin’ man, oh travelin’ man,

Down at Eat N Park with the Pumphouse gang,
Meeting, socializing where the Yund banners hang;
A union moving van, he’s a travelin’ man.
With Linda and the clan, he’s a family man.
Mr. Charlie McCollester, he’s a travelin’ man.