Union Train

They want you doped, without any hope;
On a treadmill always spinning your wheels.
They want you deaf and dumb, and under their thumb,
Oblivious to their backroom deals.
Prisoners of silence, passive to their violence;
Easy prey for the masters of deceipt.
In the dark, at the mercy of sharks,
Isolated in a turbulent sea.

Blew the whistle; lay down some track.
This ain’t the end of the line.
Open the depot, get the passengers back.
let’s do it one more time.
We’re falling too far behind.
There’s a better world out there we will find

They like to see us fightin’ one another;
Lookin’ out for only ‘number one’
Balled and chained, divided forever,
scrappin’ and scrapin’, fighting over the crumbs.
Inmates of fate, blinded by hate;
Climbing a ladder stepping on somebody else.
In their grip, cracking a whip,
Thinking your better than anyone different than yourself …

Crank up the engine, light up the coals.
Armageddon isn’t here.
It’s time to get up out of our holes;
And get this train back in gear.
Call back the engineer;
You got nothin’ to fear.

We got to ride, we got to ride that union train.
Let’s be brothers and sisters again.
Put your differences aside my friend;
We got to ride that union train

Seems like were best, when things are at their worst;
Seems like we rise when we’re ready to fall.
Seems like we shine, in the darkest of times.
Open your eyes when we’re up against the wall.
And inside the beast, it’s famine or feast,
It all depends on where you were born.
And for the mass, of the working class,                               
There’s only one way we’re gonna weather the storm.

I know this train’s in need of repair;
Some parts are rusty and old.
But standin’ alone, you ain’t goin’ nowhere;
We’re bein’ left in the cold.
The future’s been bought and sold.
Let’s get the show back on the road:
It’s time to get up and roll!

We gotta ride, we gotta ride that union train.
Every woman, child and man,
From every single state and every land,
Let’s be brothers and sisters again.
Put your differences aside my friend;
Take each other by the hand.
Let the in-fighting come to an end;
We gotta ride that union train.