We Will Occupy

Can’t find a job, pay my loan;
My pension robbed, lost my home.
My savings spent, I’m deep in debt;
Credit card men breathing down my neck.
It’s class war on the workers and the poor;
They don’t want a middle class no more.
But we’re the many, they are the few;
Put up your ante, it’s down to me and you.

[Chorus] It’s time to unite, the ninety-nine percent now,
Together defy the tenth of one-percent
Stand up for your rights, it only makes sense
To let the rebel spirit rise, until this devil system dies – WE WILL OCCUPY!

Poisoned water, food and air,
Fracking slaughter, cancer everywhere;
Public transit, teacher cuts;
Banker bandits, kicking our butts.
Privatize, deregulate, shred the safety net;
Steal and confiscate until there ain’t nothing left.
We got no choice, if we wanna survive;
Raise your voice, destiny cries – [Chorus]

[Bridge] They’ll kick us, evict us, tear down our tents,
Pound us with their clubs and pepper spray.
They got the guns and funders, but we got the numbers;
Our cause is just and we ain’t going away.

Politicians bought, elections fixed,
The Media paid off by the super-rich.
Big corporations, plutocracy,
Suffocate the nation’s democracy.
Empire, war, supporting despots,
Exploit the poor the only answers they got.
Their dirty hands in every corner of the globe,
We better band, there’s nowhere left to go.