Blue and Green in Black and White (2016)

One of the rare socially conscious blue-collar songwriters working today Mike Stout continues to be a passionate troubadour for worker safety, economic justice, and a clean environment.

Outstanding tracks on the album include the rousing foot-stomping Irish chorus workers unity anthem “One Big Union”, and the up-tempo banjo and fiddle bluegrass picket line rallying cry “One Day Longer”. In a cool down-home blues tune Mike laments about his woeful painful ordeal with kidney stones on Kidney Stone Blues. The gentle Johnny Cash style country-flavored “You’re Never Gonna Fall As Long As You Hold On to Me” is illustrated with outstanding classic crying slide guitar.  Over the past decade, an average of 129 workers per year have died in road construction accidents.   Operating Engineers Local 66 commissioned Stout to write the rocker “Keep ‘Em Safe and Alive” to urge the public to slow down and pay attention to highway construction workers.

Track List

  1. One Big Union
  2. One Day Longer
  3. Kidney Stone
  4. Under the Table
  5. Keep ‘Em Safe and Alive
  6. Stand Up
  7. You’re Never Going to Fall As Long As You Hold Onto Me
  8. Terry Greenwood
  9. First Responders
  10. Rosie (the New) Riveter
  11. Heaven’s Mist
  12. There Will Always Be You and Me
  13. I’m Just So Happy To See You Alive