All I Want for Christmas Unreleased

Big Time Corporate Blues Human Spirit Will Prevail

Blood on the Rocks Point of Pittsburgh

Captain Sean Point of Pittsburgh / Heroes of History

Crystal Eastman Point of Pittsburgh / Break the Chains

Dance With Me Full Circle

Do It, But Do It With Love Working Infinity, Love from the Bottom

Fannie Sellins Point of Pittsburgh

Flowers of the Working Class Break the Chains

Frankie Domagala In Your Face with Love

Gallo and Miguel Heroes of History

Hard Times are Fightin’ Times Heroes of History / Songs of Resistance

He Was a Best Friend of Mine Unreleased

Healthcare is a Human Right Songs of Resistance

Heaven’s Mist We Are the Human Union / Blue and Green

Homestead Town Point of Pittsburgh

Here’s the Story of Pittsburgh Point of Pittsburgh / Americana Dreams

Heroes of History Heroes of History

I Got the Kidney Stone Blues Blue and Green

I Was a Patsy Unreleased

In Your Face, With Love In Your Face with Love

I’m So Happy Just to See You Alive Blue and Green

Keep the Workers Alive Blue and Green

Let Me Accompany You Unreleased

Martin Delany Point of Pittsburgh

Momma Bear Heroes of History

My Brother Did Not Die in Vain Americana Dreams

Not In Our Name War and Resistance

Old Warrior In Your Face, With Love

One Big Union Blue and Green

One Day Longer Blue and Green

People Gonna Rise Again Point of Pittsburgh / Songs of Resistance

People To People Full Circle / War and Resistance

Rachel Corrie War and Resistance

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse Unreleased

Rosie the New Riveter Blue and Green

Soldiers of Solidarity Heroes of History

I Think You Need Some Solidarity The Human Spirit Will Prevail

Stand Or Fade Break the Chains / Working Class Reminiscing and Visions

Stop the Wars War and Resistance

Stand Up (the Water’s Running Out) Blue and Green

Stop the Frack Attack In Your Face With Love / Songs of Resistance

Terry Greenwood Blue and Green

The Day Has Come Working Infinity, Love from the Bottom

The End of Fossil Fuel Man Time to Build a New World

The First Responders Blue and Green

The Immigration Song (Tear Down the Walls) Unreleased

The Mayor of Cheapside In Your Face With Love

The Promise Kept Americana Dreams

There Will Always Be You and Me Blue and Green

Travelin’ Man, Family Man Time To Build a New World

Time For a General Strike Unreleased

Under the Table Blue and Green / Songs of Resistance

We Are a Superpower War and Resistance

We Are Still Alive In Your Face With Love

We Are the Cops of the World Americana Dreams

We Are the Working Class The Human Spirit Will Prevail / Soldiers of Solidarity

We Need a New System Americana Dreams / Songs of Resistance

We Need a Revolution Break the Chains / Songs of Resistance

You’re Never Gonna Fall Blue and Green

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