Songs of Resistance (2015)

For more than three decades Mike Stout has been writing, recording and performing songs to crusade against economic, social and environmental injustice.  Like his musical heroes Woody Guthrie. Biily Bragg and Pete Seeger his songs urge people to unite in solidarity to fight for peace, justice, and a world safe from environmental degradation.   Songs of Resistance are selected works from Mike Stout’s catalog of protest songs recorded between 1985 and 2005.  Thirteen of the songs are remixed and remastered recordings from his previous 13 album releases.  Mike calls people to take action with his songs “Stop the Frack Attack”, “Stand or Fade”, “Hard Times are Fightin’ Times”,  and “Revolution Time”.  Three new recordings, the rocker “Healthcare Is a Human Right”, the folk-rock “Rosie the Riveter” and the jazzy “Under the Table” are included.   If you are a fighter for a better world, rally with Mike Stout’s resistance songs.

An all-star cast of musicians backs Stout on these performances including guitarist/producer Fred Nelson, who has recorded and toured with Paul Gilbert, saxophonist Robbie Klein, and keyboardist Hermie Granati of the Jaggerz, the B.E. Taylor band, and the Granati Brothers.

Track List

  1. We Need a New System
  2. Rosie the New Riveter
  3. Healthcare Is a Human Right
  4. People Gonna Rise Again
  5. Under the Table
  6. Stop the Frack Attack
  7. Hard Times Are Fightin’ Times
  8. Who Killed the Wellstones
  9. Rock the Big Boat
  10. Hey Mister Gooberhead
  11. Stand or Fade
  12. We (The People) Are a Superpower
  13. Revolution Time
  14. The Human Spirit Will Prevail
  15. We Need a Movement
  16. Don’t Let ‘em Put Out the Fire


  • Mike Stout – Vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Doug Wilkin – Harmony vocals, acoustic, electric & bass guitars, mandolin
  • Kevin McDonald – electric guitars, harmony vocals
  • Fred Nelson – acoustic, electric guitars, mandolin, harmony vocals
  • Matt Harrington – acoustic & bass guitar, strings
  • Tom Valentine – bass guitar, stand-up bass
  • Brian Cole – acoustic & electric guitars
  • Garth Amssussen – Steel Pedal guitar, Hey Mr. Gooberhead
  • Joe Munroe – keyboards
  • Laura Daniels – keyboards, harmony vocals
  • Hermie Granati – harmony vocals, Keyboards, Superpower
  • Robbie Klein – Tenor Sax, Human Spirit will prevail
  • Chris Procopio – Drums
  • Vince Taglieri – Drums
  • Sean McDonald – Drums, engineer & producer: Stop the Frack Attack
  • John Parrendo – Violin, We need a movement
  • Matt Muckle – Drums
  • Kelly Burgos – Harmony Vocals