We Are All Brothers and Sisters (2016)

Selected Works of Love and Solidarity, 1985 – 2005

“Outside the divides of the nations and states, above the perches in the churches, past the caste and class system that exploits and degrades…We are all Brothers and Sisters.  Solidarity, love, and appreciation of others are the common themes of this compilation of 16 songs written and recorded by Mike Stout between 1985 and 2015.  Mike sings about the power of brotherhood unity in his songs “People To People” and “Soldiers of Solidarity” and “When the Heyday was Here”.   He thanks the people who fought for peace and justice in his tunes “You Were There For Me”, “My Kind of People”,  and “Heroes of History”.    He expresses his love for his family in folk ballads “309 Colony Blvd”, “Mayor of Cheapside”, and “You are my Brother, and I Love You”.    In the country-rock “Kentucky” Mike fondly remembers his home state the land of his grandfathers.  Included are two new releases “I’m so happy just to see you alive” a celebration of survivors and “First Responders”  Mike’s tribute to the people who risk their lives every day to save others.

Track List

  1. We Are All Brothers and Sisters
  2. My Kind of People
  3. 309 Colony Road
  4. Kentucky
  5. Mayor of Cheapside
  6. You Are My Brother and I Love You Still
  7. I’m so Happy Just to See You Alive
  8. Covered Bridges to Your Heart
  9. People to People
  10. I Can Never Get to Sleep
  11. First Responders
  12. Heroes of History
  13. Love Is
  14. You Were There for Me
  15. Soldiers of Solidarity
  16. When the Heyday Was Here


  • Mike Stout – Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
  • Doug Wilkin – Harmony Vocals, Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars, and Mandolin
  • Kevin McDonald – Electric Guitars and Harmony Vocals
  • Fred Nelson – Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Mandolin and Harmony Vocals
  • Matt Harrington – Acoustic & Bass Guitar
  • Buddy Hall – Electric Guitars; Producer: “Love Is”
  • Joe Munroe – Keyboards
  • Laura Daniels – Keyboards and Harmony Vocals
  • Steve Pellegrino – Accordion: “Covered Bridges”
  • Robbie Klein – Sax and Flute: “We Are All Brothers and Sisters”
  • Chris Procopio – Drums
  • Vince Taglieri – Drums
  • Steven Vance – Violin: “You Are My Brother”
  • Matt Muckle – Drums
  • Kelly Burgos – Harmony Vocals
  • Tara Charles & Leslie Dollman – Harmony Vocals: “People To People”